Free automatic account registrar Odnoklassniki

1) To start, you need to install all the necessary modules using pip (your Python version) or simply pip. In my case:

1.1) pip3.8 install requests

1.2) pip3.8 install selenium

1.3) pip3.8 install selenium-wire

If you encounter an error, follow these steps:

Extract the archive (selenium-wire.tar.gz) to any folder, open the cmd, and type the command:

cd full path to the folder

While in the folder, type: 1.3) python install

2) Once all modules are installed, go to the link: - and obtain your API key.
(I assume you already have an account and a balance on the website).

- Open the file in a text or other convenient editor and paste your API key into the sms_token line (it should look like sms_token = "token").

- Next, for the software to work, we need proxies (I recommend using good proxies to avoid issues). It's your responsibility to obtain them. Insert the proxies into the proxylist.txt file in the format IP:PORT:LOGIN:PASSWORD.

3) Open the file by double-clicking it, or preferably open cmd, type cd full path to the folder, and run python Specify the number of threads (I recommend not setting more than 10), the number of accounts, and gender.

4) The ready accounts can be found in the good.txt file.

SMS activation service:

Download Python 3.7.4:

Download reger: