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My world@Mail.Ru is a social network in Russia. 

Statistics count about 27 million people in 2014. This project was created to disseminate information and various entertainment programs. This social network has its own API address for programmers who create applications and all kinds of games.

History of the creation of My World@Mail.Ru. 

This service was released in the spring of 2007. On March 3, 2008, the milestone of 10 million people on the service was broken. About 1.5 million users visit the site every day.

My World is the first Runet service that supports OpenSocial. The social network also became popular thanks to its partnership with the music TV show “STS Lights up a Superstar.” All users had the opportunity to discuss and comment on the performance of the participants.

My World has the ability to create applications not only based on Flash, but also other technologies, such as iframes, capable of generating HTML (JavaScript, Silverlight, AJAX and others).

The developers change the design day after day. Because the system involves many new changes and the addition of new functions, and to accommodate them you will need a new site structure. The service can also be used by people who prefer iPhone, Android. There are also advertisements on these devices.
This social network is considered the most positive.

According to internal data from My World, in 24 hours, 800 thousand additions to friends, 12,000,000 video views, and 2,250,000 sending of personal messages occur on the social network.