+ forwarding


Service + forwarding is designed to allow you to place your ads with different phone numbers, while all clients, by dialing the virtual number allocated to you, will dial your main one. This helps to avoid account ban and allows you to place significantly more advertisements.


How does it work?

We issue you a virtual number with which you register an account on the site After successful activation, you will be asked to enter your real phone number, to which we will unconditionally forward all calls.

Let's look at the process of manual account registration

First, go to our website Choosing a country "Ukraine" and in the list of services we look + forwardin (it's in the second column from the left  at the bottom) and press"take the number"
Note: Before this, you must have at least 40 rubles in your account.

After pressing the button"Take number" we received our virtual phone number. Click on it, thereby copying it to the clipboard.

After copying the number go to the site and register an account.
To do this, click"To come in", choose by "Phone number", looking for a country in the list "Ukraine" and paste our copied number into the number field. An SMS with a number confirmation code will be sent to the specified number.

Next, go back to our website, where we will receive an SMS with a code to activate your account.
Copy the code, go back to the site, paste it and click "Ready"

Enter your personal information and click "To come in". Half the job is done!

That's it for registration completed, but we still need to forward from this number to yours, on which you will receive calls

To do this, enter your main phone number on which you want to receive calls in the number entry field and click on the "Set forwarding" button"

That's all! Forwarding is set yes
We will be reminded that you can change the forwarding number no more than once every 30 minutes.