VKontakte + forwarding

What is VK + Redirection Service?


The VK + Redirection service is designed to allow you to unfreeze VK pages without access to the phone number.


How does it work?


Example: Your VK page is frozen, and you don't have access to the phone number registered on that page. This is where VK + Redirection can help. Let's take a closer look at how to do this:

Visit our website smsak.org, choose the country (in this example, Ukraine), find «VKontakte + Redirection», and click «Get Number».

Enter your phone number and click «Set Redirection».

Redirection is set. It's reminded that you can change the redirection number no more than once every 30 minutes.

Go to the VK page and click «Unfreeze Page».

They ask for a «Confirmation Code», but click «No Code».

Click «Yes, let the robot call». The robot calls your number, which is redirected to the number you entered on the website, thereby unfreezing the page.


What numbers do you have?


We have numbers from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan.


Is there money on the virtual number?


Yes, there is. We default to putting an amount equal to 1 minute of an incoming call. You can deposit as much money as you want, and no one else will use that money except you.


How many times can I unfreeze a VK page?


You can unfreeze it as many times as you want since redirection will work for a very long time.


How long will the redirection be active?


Redirection will be active until the virtual SIM card is reissued by the operator. This period usually ranges from two weeks to 2-3 months. To extend the life of the virtual SIM card for 2-3 months, simply perform any paid action. In your case, you can just answer a call on the real number.


Can I redirect to numbers like zadarma, marketCall, or other SIP phones?


Unfortunately, no, redirection cannot be set to such numbers.


Can I redirect to numbers in other countries, like Russia/Kazakhstan/Belarus?


No, redirection can only be set to numbers in the country whose operator you are using (e.g., Ukraine for Ukrainian operators).