OLX + forwarding

What is the OLX + forwarding service?

Service OLX + forwarding is designed to allow you to place your ads with different phone numbers, while all clients dialing the virtual number allocated to you will call your main one.

This helps to avoid account ban on OLX and allows you to place significantly more ads without fear of being banned, which means staying in the top for longer.


How does it work?

We issue you a virtual number with which you register an account on the site OLX. After successful activation, you will be asked to enter your real phone number to which we will unconditionally forward all calls.

Let's look at the process of manually registering an OLX account

Let's go to olx.ua, press "My profile" and then "Registration"

Here we will need enter the phone number that we will receive on the site smsak.org

In order to get a phone number, open our website in a new tab. smsak.org. Choosing a service OLX + redirection, select the country Ukraine and press the button "Show other services

Next on the list we are looking for OLX + redirection and press the button "Take a number"

After pressing the button "Take number" we received our virtual phone number. Click on it, thereby copying it to the clipboard.

Go to the OLX tab and enter the required registration data. We indicate as the telephone number the number that was just given to us by the site smsak.org, put check marks everywhere and press the button "Registration"

After this, we will receive a password to our number. Go to the website tab smsak.org and copy the received password simply by clicking on it.

Go back to the tab with OLX, enter the received password and log in to the site.


That's it for registration OLX completed, but we still need to forward from this number to yours, on which you will receive calls

To do this, enter your main phone number on which you want to receive calls in the number entry field and click on the button "Install redirection"

That's all! Forwarding is set yes
We will be reminded that you can change the forwarding number no more than once every 30 minutes.

What numbers do you have?

We have one type of number - operator Kyivstar (one of the most popular operators in Ukraine)

Is there money on the virtual number?

Yes, I have. By default, we put on the number an amount equal to 1 minute of the received call. You yourself can put in as much money as you like, no one except you will use this money.

Should I deposit money into the virtual numbers account myself after activation?

You can deposit money yourself, but this is not necessary, we will carry out this operation for you

We thus free you from tedious and painstaking work and do it ourselves

How long will the redirect be active?

Redirection will be active until the virtual SIM card is reissued by the operator.

Typically this period varies from two weeks to 2-3 months.

To extend the life of a virtual SIM card by 2-3 months, it is enough to perform any paid action. In your case, you can simply answer the call on a real number.


Can I forward to zadarma, marketCall numbers or other SIP phones?

Unfortunately no, forwarding will not be installed to such numbers.

Can I forward to numbers in other countries, such as Russia/Kazakhstan/Belarus?

No, forwarding can only be set to numbers in the country whose operator you use (Ukraine - to Ukrainian operators).