Browser with proxy, cookie and user agent support for each tab!



Browser with proxy, cookie and user agent support for each tab!

Through a multi-browser, you can surf the same sites at the same time using different accounts. Each tab has its own proxy, user agent and cookies, that is, it works completely independently, as if you were opening different browsers.


The browser is protected from detection of proxy use by sites through special plugins such as WebRTC and Flash Player. Thus, you can safely use a proxy in our browser, as if it were your real IP address.


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Advantages MultiBrowser

The browser supports proxies, user agents and cookies for each tab. For ease of use, the program also has a built-in proxy checker. Your list of proxies and user agents is stored in the program and is always available.


Ease of Management. All you need to do is fill your browser with proxies and user agents. In the future, the program itself will select data for each new tab. You can also set them manually.


The browser supports javascript scripts, with which you can automate some actions on pages. For the convenience of writing scripts in a multi-browser, a developer console is available.


Tracking protection via WEB RTC and Flash. Sites will not recognize that you are using a proxy and other private data, as happens in a standard browser.


Multiple sessions. At any time, you can save the state of all open tabs, and then load them at any time. Each tab retains its own proxy, user agent and cookies.


The browser runs on the latest versions of chromium - the most popular and stable browser engine in the world. Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser and many others run on the same engine.