Twitter Account Registrar (Zennoposter Template)

Twitter Account Registrar (Zennoposter Template)


The Zennoposter template is designed to register accounts on Twitter. Registration confirmation is carried out through the SMS service:

The template includes customizable settings for all essential elements. For instance, if there's no need to set an avatar, the template will not perform that action. Additionally, you can choose the cities where registration is required.

In case of any errors, all information is returned back through files and folders.


Features of the Twitter Account Registrar:


  • Operates through the service:
  • Email confirmation
  • Works through proxies
  • Multithreading
  • Simulates a real person
  • Avatar installation
  • Specifies the website address in the "Website" field
  • Specifies the location (country and city).

Upon completion of registration, the data is saved in the "Ready Accounts" file in the following format: username:password:phone number.


Price for the Twitter Account Registrar: 1000 rubles.

You will receive an exclusive template linked to your email. If you don't have Zennoposter, we can provide the template for ZennoBOX for an additional 1000 rubles.

In case of any errors, we promptly address and correct them. Before purchase, we can also customize the template according to your requirements. In the next update, four more SMS reception services will be added. Those who purchase the Zennoposter template now will receive all updates for free.

Time to create one account: 6-10 minutes. This is due to numerous pauses in the template to simulate a real user.


To purchase the Twitter Account Registrar, please contact us using the information below:


Telegram: @zennoposters