What is ZennoPoster?



What is ZennoPoster?


It is a program for developing bots that perform specific actions in the browser. For example, registering numerous Instagram accounts, changing IP addresses each time, creating a fictitious name with a surname, login, specifying a phone number, confirming SMS, uploading avatars, and so on. The process is time-consuming and tiresome. A bot written on Zennoposter automates the entire process, providing you with ready-made accounts without any effort.


An incomplete list of what a Zennoposter-written bot can do:


  • Mass registration of accounts on any services, social networks, and websites.
  • Solving captchas, confirming SMS, and email if such actions are encountered.
  • Scraping information from any website, including products, images, prices, and descriptions.
  • Uploading content to a website or profile, through the admin panel or FTP.
  • Sending emails or messages on a specific site.
  • Liking, joining communities, subscribing, commenting, adding friends, and more.
  • Completing tasks on services such as Seosprint, Wmail, Bosslike, and any other site.
  • Can work in multiple threads. For example, you need to quickly send 200 messages from 10 VK accounts. The bot simultaneously logs in to 10 accounts and starts the distribution. Each account works with its own proxy.

In general, everything you do in the browser, a bot written on Zennoposter will do for you without your involvement! A skillfully crafted bot will never be detected by the site it operates on, and your accounts will not be banned. Bots created with Zennoposter are called «Templates».


You can buy ready-made templates from us, and if you can't find what you need, you can order a Zennoposter template from scratch, and we will write it according to your tasks.


Zennoposter is very expensive! What to do?


The price of Zennoposter is indeed high, but if you only need to automate a couple of tasks, we can offer you ZennoBOX. It's the same as Zennoposter but for a single template. Cost: 1000 rubles. It's much more cost-effective than buying the full version of Zennoposter. Now you know what Zennoposter is, and you can find additional information on our website or chat with us.